30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Get your 30 day weight loss challenge listed here on this site. We are offering you the opportunity to get your 30 day weight loss challenge listed on this site. Just call us with the information you want listed here along with the link going to your company or website and other important information.

There are many different weight loss challenges offered and found on the internet. The 30 day challenge is one of the most important one because results can be seen in 30 days. Often people will lose 10 to 20 lbs and sometimes even more with this challenge.

More information will be added to this site as the information comes in. Youtube videos will also be included on this site along with a write-up explaining the challenge rules and what is involved.

Contact Will at {{225}} [[413=8928]] in New Orleans for more information. Please mention “Weight Loss Challenge”. Yes this is my phone number but made so it is not picked up by online bots {{225}} [[413=8928]].